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  • Wendy Magee

Submission is a Command

Being married for 10 years has been has been great, but we could have had less arguments if I understood God’s command on submission. The topic of submission has been controversial topic among women, especially in the church. Why is that? A wife being submissive to her own husband is not for her husband’s good behavior, but a command of God. A godly wife will submit to her husband as unto the Lord because she understands the purpose and meaning of God’s order. Understanding the true meaning of a word, along with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, opened my eyes. The word submission is an act of obedience. Submission is not to be used for the husband to dictate to his wife and children or for the wife to feel less valued. It is an order that God has set in place. It’s a leadership position that should be respected and honored.

Think on these things, and it will become you. Trust in God’s Word, and it will live in you. Think positive thoughts, give positive praises to your spouse, and he/she will become the person you have grown to love through Christ Jesus.

Reflective Thinking

Take a moment to reflect on your marriage, and relationship with God.

Are there areas of concerns that need to be addressed concerning submission?

Reflect on God’s unconditional love towards us. What can you do in your relationship to allow the peace of God rule our hearts?

Scripture Reference:

1 Peter 3:1-9

Colossians 3:15

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