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What is a Resolution?

Now that the holidays are over, people begin making their New Year’s Resolution. The top five 2018 New Year’s Resolution is:

  1. Eat healthier

  2. Get more exercise

  3. Save (more) money

  4. Focus on Self-Care

  5. Read more

How many people start every New Year with the same resolutions, but let them go within a week, or month of starting them. I believe having an understanding of what a resolution is will help you stick to your goals longer. The definition of resolute is “admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering.” If you know the meaning of something, it will become more than just a word, but power.

The first part of the definition of resolute is being admirably purposeful. To be Admirable means “worthy of admiration; inspiring approval, reverence, or affection.” Purposeful means “showing determination; having useful purpose; intentional.”

When establishing your New Year’s resolution, did you take in to account that this is a commitment to yourself in order to have determination about your purpose. You have to know that you are admirable, and believe in yourself, or your resolution will not last. You have to know that you have greatness inside out you. The goals have to be intentional and will set you on a course toward your purpose. The first step in setting your New Year’s Resolution is knowing yourself and your purpose.

The second part of the definition of resolute is determination. When I think of determination, I think about the ½ marathon I want to complete. I’ve never seen myself as a runner, but when I started racing, I feel in love with the opportunity to compete against myself for a metal.

Determination means “firmness of purpose; resoluteness; the process of establishing something exactly, typically by calculation or research.” After completing the first step of knowing yourself and your purpose, you have to be determined to stick to your purpose. In order to for me to reach my goals of completing a race in a certain time-frame, I have to calculate how fast I have to run each mile. In order to run the speed I want, I have to determine to eat right, and train hard. It might not feel good starting off, but once my body adjust, then I can reach my goal. You have to be determine that when the pressures of life hit you, it won’t stop you from pursuing your God-given purpose.

The bible teaches us how to learn from the ants. In Proverbs 6:6 “Go to the ant, O lazy one; Observe her ways and be wise.” The ant teaches us the danger of being lazy, how to look ahead, and the value of hard work. The third part of the definition of resolute is unwavering. Unwavering means “continuing in a strong and steady way: constant, steadfast.”

In order to make real, lasting changes for the New Year, you have to be committed to looking ahead, and not changing because of your circumstances. Don’t wavier in your purpose. Someone might be waiting on you to take that step.

Commitment is the glue that bonds you to your goals. ~Jill Koenig

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